/Watch live: Can Motorola Razr fold 100,000 times without breaking? – CNET

Watch live: Can Motorola Razr fold 100,000 times without breaking? – CNET

When I first caught wind of a new Motorola Razr on the horizon, one of my first thoughts was, “We’ve got to put it in the FoldBot!” The foldable Razr is now on sale, though some people have begun receiving preorders early. Starting at 12 p.m. PT today, CNET will be streaming a 12-plus hour live show where we’ll see if the phone can hold up to being folded 100,000 times. Note that we’ll be using a Razr we purchased ourselves. 

Brian Cooley, Lexy Savvides and Kent German will start us off with a live unboxing and a discussion about the Razr and other foldable phones. Then, Cooley and I will get the fold test rolling, and I’ll be with you until the wee hours of Friday morning when we plan to hit 100,000 folds. I’ll be joined by special guests throughout the night, as we check on the status of the Razr at the top of every hour, answer your questions and try to stay awake. Keep your eyes peeled for more surprises along the way.


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Just like when we tested the Samsung Galaxy Fold, we’ve borrowed the FoldBot machine from SquareTrade, a San Francisco-based company that offers warranties for consumer electronics and appliances. The FoldBot was originally created to open and close the Galaxy Fold repeatedly, thousands of times over.

During our test of the Galaxy Fold, it survived almost 120,000 folds before it started exhibiting damage.

SquareTrade has modified the FoldBot to accommodate the Razr, and it’s been gracious enough to let us borrow it again, even before the company gets to test the Razr itself.

Though the Galaxy Fold was derided by some, I’m a fan of its quirky design, and was hugely impressed with its durability during our test. Being a former owner of the original Razr (mine was hot pink), I’m definitely looking forward to trying out the new one in person. Of course, I’m looking forward to clamping it into the FoldBot even more. Come back here on Thursday, or head over to YouTube, to see all of the Razr folding fun, starting at 12 p.m. PT.

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Originally published earlier this week.