/Impeachment trial of President Trump: Live updates – CNN

Impeachment trial of President Trump: Live updates – CNN

Today will be the House impeachment managers’ second of three days to present their case on the Senate floor.

To those who have watched every twist and turn and development and “bombshell” and “dude” and whatever other description that may exist of the last four months of the impeachment investigation: this isn’t about you. It’s just not.

These three days are designed to make a case, and create the environment to win votes in the days ahead. Today, that will mean a deep dive into the first article of impeachment: Abuse of Power. 

Here’s the bottom line: The House managers’ presentation is about the small group of senators who may vote to hear from witnesses or subpoena documents. It’s about a public that may have tuned out.

That’s what these three days, according to people involved with the House presentation strategy, are all about. And success will be measured by whether the presentation lands with those two groups, and probably nobody else.