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YuMove Joint Supplement

A nutritious diet and proper supplements can help your dog stay fit and healthy. Dog owners always lookout for different ways to make sure that their pet stays away from all the diseases and has good immunity. YuMove by Lintbells is the newest supplement for dogs grabbing attention due to its unique formula and positive results. The supplement became quite popular among dog owners, especially in the UK. If you are searching for an excellent supplement for your little one, then this supplement is the one for you. To give you more details about it, I am going to describe its features and a detailed review.

The supplement is recommended for dogs struggling with hip or joint discomfort. It is also ideal for aging dogs due to its all-natural formulation. Let’s have a quick look at its active ingredients and their effects on your dog’s health.

Key Ingredients of YuMove by Lintbells:


This is the main ingredient of this supplement. Glucosamine is an amino sugar that is produced in the dog’s body naturally. However, due to aging or any disorder, the production of this sugar decreases. This reduction in the vital amino sugar needed for joint mobility leads to problems and discomfort in joints. You can give glucosamine to your dogs in the form of supplements to help decrease the pain. It also helps in restoring mobility. It is one of the major ingredients that also assist in rebuilding cartilage and keeping your dog healthy.


The next ingredient of the supplement is Chondroitin. It is a sulphate molecule produced naturally in the dog’s body. The primary function of this molecule is to destroy the enzymes that can be harmful to the cartilage. When given in a proper loading dose along with glucosamine, it helps in rebuilding the cartilage that makes the joint strong. It also aids in lessening the inflammation. Chondroitin has a synergistic effect when fed with glucosamine, as both the ingredients help in increasing joint mobility.

Hyaluronic Acid:

This ingredient helps in lubricating the joints by increasing the acid viscosity. Hyaluronic acid, along with other ingredients, is beneficial in improving joint flexibility. It also provides cushioning to joints and supports overall health in dogs. This form of Hyaluronic acid also provides shock absorption in joints as well as helps in giving protection against wear and tear of the joints.

Green-lipped Mussel:

Another popular ingredient that is used in many supplements. The green-lipped mussel is extracted from shellfish. It has a rich source of omega 3 fatty acids, which help in protecting joints and also has anti-inflammatory properties. This ingredient is also reported to help with arthritis.

The company has formulated the supplement really well by using all the ingredients that aid in improving joint mobility. As the dog ages, like humans, it starts producing less of the molecules or enzymes needed for the mechanism and repair of the body. Giving supplements aids in improving the situation by providing the body with vital chemicals. Now that we know the ingredients and their functions, let’s discuss the key features of this supplement and its dosage:

  • YuMove supplement is suitable for all breeds of dogs. Right from Shih Tzu to Great Danes, the dog of every breed can take these supplements.
  • The supplement helps in relieving soreness, joint inflammation and discomfort.
  • It comes in the chewable capsule forms which are easy to administer to your dogs with their meals or treats.
  • The supplement is also enriched with vitamin C and E, which is beneficial for aging dogs.
  • It also has antioxidants that help in delaying the aging process by fighting free radicals and give protection against cellular damage as well as oxidative stress.
  • This supplement is recommended by the licensed vets and is also clinically tested to deliver the best results for your four-legged friend.

Dosage :

The recommended dosage for getting the best results is to feed your dogs with two chews per day. Follow this routine for at least 4-6 weeks to see results. You can also change the dose as per requirement. After initial weeks decrease the dose to 1 chew daily. If your little one weighs more over 100lb, then start with three chews per daily and then reduce it to 1 and ½ daily.

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Many people struggle to find out if their dogs need supplements. To help you with finding or diagnosing the symptoms of their joints discomfort or stiff joints, check for the following factors:

  • The dogs who are generally facing any trouble due to mobility avoid walking or indulging in any physical activity.
  • They also face problems while standing up or moving after being at rest for a long.
  • Any pain or inflammation in the body makes it difficult for dogs to stay active. They start lagging when taken out for walks.
  • As the dogs can’t convey more, there tendency to sleep increases if they are facing any pain or discomfort in the body.
  • Dogs going through hip and joint inflammation are not playful or in good more like others.

If you find any such signs, then it is time to give them supplements to boost their health and immunity. You can also ask for advice or recommendations from your vet if the problems worsen or your dog is unable to move.

In-Depth review of YuMove supplement by Lintbells

The veterinarian recommended supplement is one of the bestsellers in the market due to its all-natural ingredients and the delectable taste loved by the dogs. As the dog ages, it becomes vital to take extra care of him. This one supplement can help your pooch get all the essential ingredients needed for the proper functioning of joints. It also helps with the overall canine health.

It is also recommended for the dogs experiencing premature aging or inflammation in the body. The formulation of the supplement helps in building and restoring cartilage, improving joint mobility and also strengthens bones. As the supplement is available in three different sizes, you can easily get it according to the size of your dog.

The company also claims that there are guaranteed results within 60 days of feeding it regularly to your pets. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can request the money back for the same. For seeing results, take a video or photo of your dog on day one and then compare it with the video/photo after two months.

Several dog owners have observed a noteworthy change in the conditions of their dogs. They have reported that the dogs actually like taking these supplements on their own due to its delicious taste. It has also made the coat shinier and dogs more active.

Concluding Remarks

YuMove by Lintbells is an excellent supplement to help your ailing or aging dog with his health. After reading feedbacks and reviews and trying it myself for my pet, I would definitely recommend this for your little furry friend. There are many glucosamine supplements and tablets available readily, but the active ingredient list of this supplement is effective in delivering optimal results. One has to buy four different supplements to give all the major ingredients needed for joint pain relief or discomfort, but investing in this unique supplement not only saves your bucks but also makes your pooch happy and healthy.

In case your dog has been struggling with little movements or moaning while moving, then please consult a vet to avoid issues in the future.

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