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Your family’s road travel security secured – BizNews

*This content is brought to you by the AA

We live in an uncertain world, and face many perils every time we climb into a vehicle to travel.

From ordinary flat tyres and mechanical breakdowns to hitting that unexpected Pothole or in the event of a medical emergency or accident. None of these can be anticipated but we can be prepared for these situations.

There is a simple way to get personalised individual cover that with a single product, provides backup – wherever you are any time.

AA has been around in South Africa since 1930 and has been deeply involved in many aspects of road safety and advocacy for road users. The AA’s number-one priority is to be there for you in your time of need; to provide help when you need it most.

In keeping with this philosophy, the AA membership includes an incredible list of benefits that are all shaped to provide you, the road user, with complete peace of mind. Benefits that not only cover individuals in their own vehicles, but also when they travel with others as a passenger.

Statistics show that the AA gets 95% of vehicles mobile at road-side but where needed their other services and benefits provides you with a solution in almost every instance.

The AA digital App provides an emergency button, that as a member you can utilise so you or those traveling with you, have access to 24/7 medical and roadside assistance in emergencies.

Cover is provided for breakdowns, car hire, towing services, accidental death cover, mechanical assistance, “out of fuel” situations and accident towing services.

Even when you may have locked your keys in your vehicle the AA free locksmith services are again a valuable service to have as part of your membership.

Additional benefits that are exclusive to members includes free legal advice on motoring matters,

Extended cover for family or loved ones comes at a discount of 40% with you enjoying peace of mind that they have effective support and protection while on the road.

With membership packages starting from only R85 per month (criteria apply), it is the single personal road protection policy that South African motorists should not be travelling without.