/20 Awesome Calvin and Hobbes Stickers

20 Awesome Calvin and Hobbes Stickers

I’ve been a huge fan of Calvin and Hobbes since I first discovered the comic duo. I’ve been gifted a number of anthologies over the years and never tire of enjoying them. Calvin and Hobbes have a way of being so spot-on in understanding the bigger and smaller picture of life. Of course, as a sticker lover, it’s hard for me to not want to plaster my notebooks with Calvin and Hobbes stickers for a little pick-me-up.

If you love this dynamic duo, you might want to grab your wallet and prepare to fill your notebooks, computers, and other blank surfaces with these rad Calvin and Hobbes stickers.

20 Rad Calvin and Hobbes Stickers

The most basic Calvin and Hobbes sticker—just their names—can also be quite impactful. Can you peep them behind their names? $2 and up, with sizes to choose from.


Go for a ride in a wagon with Calvin and Hobbes. $2.50 and up, with sizes to choose from.



Perhaps going on a ride with this duo involves sledding. $2.50 and up, with sizes to choose from.


Calvin and Hobbes as the Blues Brothers might be my favorite thing in the world right now. $6.



Let’s go exploring! This Calvin and Hobbes sticker comes in a number of sizes, starting at $3.



Calvin and Hobbes take an adventure. $2 and up, with various sizes.



Have a need for a car window decal? Your pals Calvin and Hobbes come in a number of colors and sizes, starting at $5.



A colorful dance scene that will bring a smile to your face. This Calvin and Hobbes sticker comes in a number of sizes, starting at $3.



Perhaps a swift kick in the butt is what we all need. $2 and up, with size options.



Hang out with this rad duo among the foliage. $3 and up, with a few sizes to choose from.



This Calvin and Hobbes napping decal would look great in a nursery or, really, any place you have the wall space. $50 and up, with size and color choices.


Want nap time Calvin and Hobbes but don’t want a whole wall devoted to it? You’ll want this small vinyl sticker. $8.50 with some size options.



Use a Mac with a trackpad? You’ll love this fun Calvin and Hobbes sticker set. $10.



Cute ‘lil outlines of Calvin and Hobbes. $3 and up, with sizes to choose from.




Make some silly faces with Calvin and Hobbes while you work at your computer. Vinyl decal comes in multiple colors and can be fitted for a number of laptop brands. $7.



Calvin and Hobbes: best of friends. This simple and powerful sticker will set you back starting at $3, with options for bigger sizes.



Same image, but paired with a wonderful quote: “Things are never quite as scary when you’ve got a best friend.” $3 and up, with size options.



Dance, dance, dance! This Calvin and Hobbes wall decal is too fun. $35 and up, with size options.



Indeed, the world can be mean, but animals like Hobbes soften it a bit. $2 and up, with many sizes to choose from.



We can only imagine the delight Calvin and Hobbes have while reading together—especially if they stumble upon their own story in the funny pages. $2 and up in various sizes.

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